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Equine Stars of Longines Masters of New York Arrive at NYCB LIVE

New York, NY – The 160 equine talents competing at the Longines Masters of New York, running April 25 through… Artikel lesen

Jaqueline Weidlich
23.04.2019 3 min lesen

New York, NY – The 160 equine talents competing at the Longines Masters of New York, running April 25 through 28, 2019, have arrived in New York from all corners of the world and are now settling in at NYCB LIVE, Home of the Nassau Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum.

Horses arriving at NYCB LIVE, Home of the Nassau Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum. 

Photos courtesy of EEM


Longines Masters Of New York By The Numbers

  • 160 horses
  • 80 riders
  • 450 bales of hay
  • 1815 bags of shavings
  • 1500 tons of footing
  • 350 staff and volunteers
  • 4 days of competition
  • 10 days of building
  • 19 classes

Competition at the Longines Masters includes the 2019 edition of the Longines Grand Prix of New York and the fourth leg of the innovative Riders Masters Cup, which pits Riders Europe and Riders USA teams against each other in multi-phase transatlantic duels. In addition, athletes from the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA) will showcase their equitation on an international stage in the Metropolitan Equitation Invitational, while Under 25 athletes and Masters Two riders will all vie for their piece of Longines Masters glory.

Tickets for the Longines Masters of New York start at just $25 and include access to thrilling competition, divine shopping, and performances by equestrian artist Santi Serra, which feature canine and equine liberty training.

Horses arriving internationally first touched down at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, NY, before being transported to NYCB LIVE after their mandatory two-day quarantine. Converging from 13 countries, riders representing home flags from as far away as Japan will join the equine stars of the Longines Masters of New York for four days of Olympic-caliber show jumping in the heart of New York.

What’s On At The Longines Masters Of New York

McLain Ward and Clinta on their way to a victory in the 2018 Longines Grand Prix of New York.

Photo by Jump Media


The Longines Masters of New York kicks off at NYCB LIVE with action for Masters One and Two riders, plus the AKC Agility Premier Cup, presented by EEM. Enjoy this family-friendly event, which marks the first time AKC Agility will be held at an equestrian event, demonstrating the amazing abilities of both horses and dogs in their respective sports.

Friday – “College Day”

Competition continues for Masters Two riders on Friday along with an all-new event for up-and-coming collegiate equitation riders. The Metropolitan Equitation Invitational welcomes top Intercollegiate Horse Show Association riders to the Longines Masters where they compete under the intercollegiate format, riding unfamiliar horses, and are judged by equitation legends Brianne Goutal-Marteau and George Morris.

Friday – Evening

Friday evening welcomes the best of the best to show off for the crowds at NYCB LIVE. Don’t miss the featured event, the Longines Speed Challenge! In the fastest class in the world, international five-star riders go head-to-head against the clock in this one-of-a-kind competition.

Saturday – “Family Day”

Saturday welcomes the weekend with the young stars of tomorrow taking the spotlight in Under 25 Lamicell 1.45m competition. Then, the crowd will delight in the Lamborghini Masters Power, a unique high-jump competition highlighting the athleticism and power of the equine athlete, as well as a performance by Santi Serra featuring “natural dressage” or liberty training.

Saturday – “Riders Masters Cup Night”

From NYCB LIVE, it’s Saturday night! With one more competition before the Longines Grand Prix of New York for Masters One riders, their eyes will be on the prize. Highlighting the evening is the one event everyone has been waiting for. The Riders Masters Cup showcases two rounds of one-on-one speed duels to decide the winning team in a transatlantic battle of Riders USA vs. Riders Europe you won’t find in any other series. The evening closes with an afterparty performance from Tomorrowland DJ Henri PFR.

Sunday – “Grand Prix Day”

The final day of the Longines Masters of New York again features the majesty of the horse with a farewell performance from Santi Serra and bids farewell to horses and riders in the Masters Two Grand prix event. Then, the Longines Grand Prix of New York takes center stage. In the crown jewel of the Longines Masters of New York, the best horses and riders of the week go head-to-head to stand atop the winner’s podium.

The Longines Masters Series continues in New York on April 25 through 28, 2019. Watch via live-stream on, a free digital equestrian sports channel broadcasting all of the action. For full information on the 2018/2019 Longines Masters, visit

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