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Special guests invited to fence at badminton

A couple from Scotland travel to Badminton as special fence fence judges after being named „Judge of the British Eventing’s… Artikel lesen

Jaqueline Weidlich
28. 05 2 min lesen
Photographers: Sally Newcomb, Badminton Horse Trials

A couple from Scotland travel to Badminton as special fence fence judges after being named „Judge of the British Eventing’s (BE) of the year“. Fellow Salis Alisdair and Pat Macrae have been supporting the sport for more than 40 years and have received regional and national awards for their efforts this year. After mixing in the stable where their eldest daughter kept their ponies, they began training for dressage and cross-country in the late 1970s. „As soon as your face became known, there were no escape possibilities and started to engage more intensively with horses, period,“ joked her younger daughter Grace Moran. Both Ali and Pat later became district commissioners of the East Aberdeen branch of the Pony Club, with terms of office in the late 1980s and early 1990s; while Ali was also chairman for the local BHS. „They later moved from the north of Aberdeen to the central band of Scotland and they’ll now be judges in pretty much all Scottish horse trials, they’ll have seven or eight jobs per season,“ said Grace, their daughter. „They enjoy it, they will come back from Badminton on Monday evening and on Wednesday they will start the caravan for Floors right back.“ She added that her parents had received the news of the award during her holiday in New Zealand and were „a bit shocked but enthusiastic“. Her mother started to panic a bit because of badminton. „I think she had noticed that it’s a pretty serious event!“ She said. „She was relieved when she heard that she was in jump-two was there, so she hopes that not much will happen there! “ BE Managing Director David Holmes said that the BE fence judge of the annual prize is „the acknowledged prize in our sport, for those who have sacrificed their time and energy for the sport.“ Without BE volunteers, we just could not do such events, Of all those who deal with British Eventing – the competitors, organizers, officials, staff and supporters – we are very grateful to Alasdair and Pat for their many years of service and wish them a wonderful experience evaluating the 2018 Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials. “



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