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Riders Masters Cup: Riders Europe Shortlist Unveiled

New York, NY – With less than a month until the start of the Longines Masters of New York, at… Artikel lesen

Larissa Lienig
30.03.2019 2 min lesen
The winning Riders Europe team from the 2018 Longines Masters of Paris. Photo by Jessica Rodrigues for EEM

New York, NY – With less than a month until the start of the Longines Masters of New York, at NYCB LIVE, Home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, the selections for the Riders Masters Cup teams are soon to be revealed to the public. 

A true match-up between the world’s two major equestrian powers, the United States and Europe, the Riders Masters Cup promises to be an exceptional battle. On Thursday, March 28, Riders Europe Team Captain Philippe Guerdat announced his shortlist for this fourth edition with the hope of winning once again against the Americans, who will be more determined than ever and on their home soil.

Between young talent and show jumping stars, Guerdat unveiled a list that will undoubtedly allow him to try for a fourth victory in the Riders Masters Cup with his European riders. A team world champion (Gerco Schröder of The Netherlands), European team champions (Denis Lynch of Ireland, Pius Schwizer of Switzerland), former world-ranking leaders (Harrie Smolders of The Netherlands, and again Pius Schwizer), will top the list. They are joined by well-known riders on the international circuit such as Darragh Kenny of Ireland, Emanuele Gaudiano of Italy, and Frenchman Olivier Robert. Rising show jumping stars such as Belgium’s Olivier Philippaerts, France’s Edward Levy, and Belgian Pieter Clemens will help the European coach build a strong team for Riders Europe.

„I’m trying to mix the young generation with the European ‘pillars,’ but that will depend above all on the horses they bring to the Longines Masters of New York,” said Guerdat. “I try not to put two riders of the same nationality on the European team to keep a real diversity, and that’s going to be the basis of my final selection, as much as possible. I still have to think a little bit harder before presenting my final list in order to find the team with the best chance of winning a fourth victory in this Riders Masters Cup. If we take part in this event, it is for victory! I have no doubt that the American team will be more competitive than ever, in front of their own fans and trying to reverse the trend after our three victories.“

While Guerdat has unveiled his game plan for this fourth running of the Riders Masters Cup, U.S. Team Captain Robert Ridland is keeping the suspense going for a few more days. The Chef d’Équipe of the gold medal-winning U.S. show jumping team at the FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon 2018 will soon share the shortlist of his Riders USA and present a team that will be keen to take the coveted Riders Masters Cup, especially in front of their home audience.

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