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Philippe Guerdat Remains European Team Captain for Fourth Riders Masters Cup at Longines Masters of New Yor

New York, NY – The Longines Masters of Hong Kong has just finished and the EEM World teams are already… Artikel lesen

Larissa Lienig
13.03.2019 2 min lesen
Riders Masters Cup captains Robert Ridland and by Philippe Guerdat. Photo by Christophe Taniere Photographie

New York, NY – The Longines Masters of Hong Kong has just finished and the EEM World teams are already busy with the next stage of the Series: the Longines Masters of New York, from April 25 to 28, 2019, at the NYCB LIVE, Home of the Nassau Veterans Coliseum. The event will feature the two flagship events specific to the series: the Longines Speed Challenge and the Longines Grand Prix, but New York, like Paris, will also host a very special event.
This event is the Riders Masters Cup, a new intercontinental championship that has pitted the United States (Riders USA) against Europe (Riders Europe) since December 2017. The Longines Masters of New York will host the fourth edition of the Riders Masters Cup, which has been dominated by the Riders Europe team since its inception. The Riders USA team is determined to add a win to their record on April 27th at the NYCB LIVE, Home of the Nassau Veterans Coliseum. They will have the home team advantage in front of an audience that is committed to their mission. The crowd are more than just spectators, they are enthusiastic supporters in cheering on Riders USA. With world No. 2, McLain Ward, another top-10 rider in Beezie Madden, and a total of five riders in the top 25 entered from the U.S., it is obvious that for this fourth round, the reigning World Champions will have some serious artillery to combat the Riders Europe team.

The latter team keeps an essential asset: their team captain. Even though Switzerland’s Philippe Guerdat now serves as national chef d’équipe of Brazil instead of France, he remains captain of the Riders Europe team.

“At the launch of the Riders Masters Cup it was discussed that the role of team captain should be rotating, but Christophe Ameeuw asked me to remain and I will happily because, besides the fact that I appreciate Christophe and his efforts developing the sport, the challenge is interesting,” said Guerdat. “The concept is growing, even if it is still new and needing some improvements, but it is a competition that I believe in.”
And it is true that the champion Olympic coach played an essential role in the Riders Europe team’s first three victories, both in terms of his selections and the strategy deployed during the competition. This was particularly evident in New York last year, where the Riders Europe team dominated throughout the event, winning the match in the last duel in which Guerdat lined up Harrie Smolders and his fast Cas 2 against McLain Ward and HH Gigi’s Girl. The Riders USA team was still leading 7-6, but after Smolders’ lightning fast round, Riders Europe took over for the win with a final score of 8-7. Guerdat’s smart choice had paid off!

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