Megan Wood and Pelasco CH Win the Open Speed Derby

Megan Wood and Pelasco CH sealed the win in the Bay Area Summer Festival Speed Derby, clinching their second consecutive win after topping the class last weekend at the Woodside Circuit Opener.

“This was only about the fifth time I’ve ridden him,” Megan said. “He just came in from Switzerland about two weeks ago. He has such a big stride that I could barely feel how fast he was going. My plan was to leave out strides in the lines, and then just turn and burn.”

Meagan studies biochemistry at Baylor University, but enjoys showing at the Horse Park at Woodside over the summer. “I love competing here and I love riding in the speed derby because it’s all about speed. If you go fast, but have a rail down, you still have a chance to place near the top. It was super exciting to win this class two weeks in a row.”

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