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Junior rider Emma Catherine Reichow (Harley Brown, trainer) and her Cubiki sealed the win in the BayFest Grand Prix on… Artikel lesen

Marike Weber
02.07.2018 3 min lesen
Emma Reichow and Cubiki (Pressefoto)

Junior rider Emma Catherine Reichow (Harley Brown, trainer) and her Cubiki sealed the win in the BayFest Grand Prix on Saturday evening out of a field of nearly 40 horse and rider combinations, sharing in the victory gallop with her trainers Harley and Olivia Brown who were third and fourth place, respectively. Emma also earned a $5,000 LEGIS Jumper Rider Bonus check since this was her second consecutive grand prix win with Cubiki after winning the Woodside Circuit Opener Grand Prix last weekend.

“This is beyond surreal. It was a huge class and I wasn’t expecting to win, but my trainers really believed in me and gave me confidence,” Emma said. “Harley and Olivia are both amazing riders and it’s so cool to share this celebration with them. They’ve brought me up and taught me everything I know.”

Course designer Sergio Lopez traveled from Bogota, Colombia to The Horse Park at Woodside and put together a stimulating course that challenged riders. The course included a jump going downhill off the bank as well as a difficult turn to a triple combination.

“I want riders to go out there and learn something,” Sergio explained. “My intent was to design a smooth course that had different tests than last week’s grand prix course. I incorporated a line to the triple combination, which I felt was challenging. However, I wanted to make the time very tight and make the class about going as fast as possible. I tried to use all of the ring, including the natural obstacles such as the bank.”

Emma and Cubiki had a clear round with a time of 90.578, well within the 95 seconds time allowed. “My plan was simple,” she said. “I tried to ride an efficient track and keep my turns tight. I just wanted to give him a good, confidence-building ride.”

In the jump-off, there were 11 horse and rider pairs and the combination proved challenging for some as did the last fence coming downward off the bank. Meanwhile, time allowed also played a factor.

Lindsay Ramar Costigan led the jump-off aboard Mr. Harrison, taking a bold inside turn after the 11ab combination and laying down a clear round with an impressive time of 42.418 seconds within the 45 seconds time allowed.

Andrew Jane rode next aboard Cartel, following Lindsay’s track. The crowd held its breath wondering if a fast Andrew would catch up to Lindsay’s time, but an unfortunate rail at the last fence added 4 faults.

Harley Brown and Banana Pancake 2 had a sweet, clear round in 44.114 seconds with his wife, Olivia, watching at the in-gate. Olivia jumped off next, nearly matching her husband’s time aboard Valiant, falling short by only a fraction of a second with a time of 44.625.

Matias Fernandez had a clear round and time of 44.475 seconds aboard New York 18. The crowd was glued to the scoreboard as he jumped down the bank, making it within fractions of a second of the time allowed.

Nina Alario was eighth to see in the jump-off. delivering a bold and accurate ride. She had the time, but the last rail dropped her out of the win. As she galloped through the timers in 40.797 seconds, the crowd cheered in applause of her well-ridden jump-off.

However, Emma returned on her last horse, Cubiki and proved that she could be both fast and clear with a winning time of 42.167 seconds.

This was Emma’s second ever grand prix win, which also earned her a LEGIS Jumper Rider bonus check. “I think the LEGIS rider bonus program is really special,” she added. “I never imagined winning one grand prix here at Woodside and winning two grands prix is even more exciting. I’ve been showing at Woodside since I was young and never imagined this was possible. This grand prix is very competitive and the courses are well-built, so it was really wonderful to win.”

Stay tuned for additional news and updates throughout the Woodside Summer Series! Join us for USHJA National hunter derbies on Friday mornings and grands prix on Saturday evenings with VIP seating and dinner available from the Carousel Club.

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