Barcelona: Canada without penalties, French rider disqualified

28. Sep 17 | 17:59 | By | Category: INTERNATIONAL NEWS

Three riders of the Canadian squad made it through the course without any penalties.

Germany, the Netherlands, France and USA made it with four penalties each. Switzerland, Belgium und Sweden made it to the final on Saturday with eight penalties each. The protest of Ireland wasn’t granted.

The French rider Roger Yves Bost and his mare Sydney Une Prince got disqualified because Bost took a change at the mares boots.


France (0)
Canada (0)
Netherlands (4)
USA (4)
Germany (4)
Switzerland (8)
Belgium (8)
Ireland (8)
Sweden (8)
Italy (13)
Great Britiain (16)
New Zeeland (21)
Brasil (25)
United Arab Emirates (34)
Spain (40)

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