Interview Lucy Davis – Riding at her first Olympics

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16 Aug  2016
Being only 23 years old US-show jumping rider Lucy Davis will ride at her very first Olympic Games this year in Rio. For this she trained with German Markus Beerbaum again this year. So after being a bronze-medal-winner at the WEG in 2014 she now faces her newest challenge. In the interview she talks about her excitement, why Markus Beerbaum is so important for her and her perfect horse Barron.
You are part of the US team for the Olympics in Rio now. How do you feel now? When did you get to know about this?
I could not be more excited to be on the team for Rio. It has been a childhood dream of mine to go to the Olympics! When I found out about it, I was so excited, and I still can’t believe it is actually true.
Remembering when you first came to Europe in 2009 and coming all the way to the Olympics now – is all this some kind of childhood dream come true?
Yes! It is a dream come true. I always wanted to go and when I got Barron, a horse that could actually make that dream come true, it became my goal.
What have been your next steps to Rio after the nomination?
Every move I make until Rio is with the Olympics in mind. Both Barron and I were on a strict training and health schedule! I was very excited that I competed in Aachen which was our last show together before the Games.
You were training with Markus Beerbaum again for the Olympics…
I have been in Thedinghausen since April and working with Markus again. We have a great partnership. He knows Barron and me so well and can bring the best out of both of us. He is in Rio too, supporting and cheering for me and Meredith. I´m so glad that we are all there! Markus is used to juggling many moving parts, so I’m sure it will all work out fine. He will probably wear his German gear, but I’ll find him a USA hat or something!
Is the support of the Beerbaum family still something very important for you now that you are an olympic athlete yourself?
The support of the Beerbaums has always been a very important thing. They are hugely knowledgeable about the sport and an amazing connection to have if you want to be at the top level within it. I am lucky to have been with them for so long and learned so much.
When you look at your horse Barron: What is making him a perfect horse for the Olympics?
Barron is everything you would ever want or need in a top horse. He is scopey, brave, careful, and has plenty of stamina to last through a championship. He is 12 years old now, and I think feels the best ever, so I am excited about our chances in Rio!
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