Interview: Lucy Davis

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Sep 22 2015

About five years ago the teenager Lucy Davis won the young riders cup at the international show in Frankfurt. Now she is one oft he best riders the United States have to offer. I spoke with the 22 year old show jumping rider about her season so far, her graduation and her new life in the Netherlands.

Winning the Grand Prix in Rotterdam was just another highlight of your young career. How did you experience this class?

Winning Rotterdam was very good start to the summer and to a new partnership with Eric van der Vleuten as my trainer. It was a super hectic week for me having graduated from university just seven days before, so I think I just was able to relax finally on my horse Barron and let him use his ability. It was also father’s day in the USA, and my dad was there to watch, which made it even more special.

A short time before you graduated from Stanford college. Are you finished with your studies now and will concentrate on riding? Will you go back to college? What are your plans?

My plans for now are to focus on the horses. I may return to school someday for graduate studies, because I’m a nerd and I like studying, but at the moment I have a good group of horses and a great opportunity to train with Eric so I want to learn and do as much as I can with them.

For the moment you will stay in the Netherlands at Eric van der Vleuten´s stables. How did this cooperation come?

I always admired the way Eric rode and the way that both he and Maikel have such a natural feel with the horses. I thought that the system would work well for my horses and me, and so far it has been a very positive experience.

How do you like the stables and the training there so far?

I feel very lucky to be training in Someren at the Van der Vleuten’s place. As I just said, it has been a positive thing for my riding and the horses seem to be just as happy as I am.

How does a day at the new stable look like for you at the moment?

Normally I ride around seven horses per day, most in the morning and a couple in the afternoon. When I’m not riding the horses love to go out in the beautiful grass paddocks that they have there.

How long will you stay in Europe? Do you sometimes miss the US while being here?

I will stay in Europe until October and then go back to the US for two months. I will be back in Europe after that. I feel very comfortable in Europe and do not often miss home, but I do miss my friends, family, and my dogs sometimes!

All the years before you were at the stables of Meredith and Marcus Beerbaum in the summer. Do you still keep in touch with them and all the people from the stables?

I spent five years at the Beerbaum stable and made some lifelong friends there, so of course keep in touch with them. I often see Meredith and Markus at the shows, so we are still able to support each other there.

What are your further plans for this year?

My plan is to compete in Barcelona for the Nation’s cup final at the end of the summer, and then hopefully to start in the fall to try and qualify for the 2016 World Cup Final.

Are you sometimes already thinking about the Olympics in Rio? With Barron you have a horse which is really amazing…

The olympics in Rio have been my dream for years now, so Barron and I will be giving everything we have to try and get there!!

You once said it would be a shame to just stay in a hotel room visiting all these wonderful citys all around the world. So which places you visited thanks to horse shows did you really like best so far?

I love Spain, so Barcelona is a favorite for sure, but I also really liked Antwerp, Gothenburg, and Copenhagen. I love to travel and see cool places!


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