Interview Jessica Mendoza – „I´d like to be World No. 1 one day -but that will take a lot of doing!“

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Apr  1 2015

Jessica Mendoza is a really big talent – and jumping into the first class of show jumping right now. She is only 18, celebrating her 19th birthday on April 9th. She was placed in almost every important class she did, even coming in as 2nd at the Hong Kong Masters this winter.

She talked to horseweb about her dream riding in Rio 2016, about her life with horses and her career so far…

You came in 2nd in the Hong Kong Masters, one oft he big classes there. How did you feel getting such a major result at a show where lots of the really big names tried to win?

I was really happy with my result in Hong Kong. My horse Spirit jumped amazing and I knew I had to go quick. Luckily I was last to go so I could see everyone go. And knew what speed I needed to go.

You are a really young rider but already jumping all the big classes. How is the experience for you going to shows like Hong Kong?

It’s a great experience for me to be at these competitions and I’m lucky enough to have a horse who can jump at that level. So I couldn´t be happier.

In Leipzig you rode at your first World Cup ever. Was this a special moment for you too?

It was great to jump in the World Cup at Leipzig. It was one of the biggest classes I had jumped and it really showed me that my horse has the ability to do that level. So that was a big moment.

You said you want to be in Rio 2016 for Great Britain. That´s a big goal. How do you prepare fort hat?

Of course I would like to go to Rio but it’s still a while away. At the moment I just have to keep jumping good rounds and hope Spirit will be up to it.

Is it also a goal for you to start at the European Championships in Aachen this year? What other plans do you have for 2015?

If Spirit jumps well enough then maybe Aachen but you never know. But for 2015 I will be going to Arezzo, Italy, for three weeks and also Spruce Meadows, Canada, for 6 weeks for sure. So a lot of traveling is up this year!

You are only 18. Do you still go to school?

I actually finished school last year. And then moved to Holland riding at a stable in Eindhoven after my a levels. So I have no plans for university in the future and I will ride full time. But I have the A level results to be able to go to Uni if I ever need to.

How does a typical day of Jessica Mendoza look like? How many hours you spend with the horses? How many do you ride? What do you like to do when not riding?

Oh my day… I am usually on the yard at 8 and start riding 8.30. I usually have 7 horses to ride and I have 2 girls that also ride for me. So they ride around 4 each. I would ride 5 before lunch, we all have a lunch break then we continue on riding. Mostly I finish around 4 o’clock. When I’m not riding I like to paint… This is my favorite activity form y free time. Mostly I like to draw animals.

Your top horse is Spirit T. Can you tell us a bit about that horse? What makes her so special? Is she also your choice when preparing for your upcoming goals to go to these big events?

Spirit is just a great horse , she is very brave and always wants to leave the fences up! The best thing about her is her heart. She will always try for me. I do have another horse who I think will be good, Called Sam De Bacon. He will run along side Spirit this year and maybe do some big classes.

You had a major career in Great Britain as a pony rider and young rider… You could still ride young rider championships. Do you also prepare for that or fully concentrate on the Grand Prix level?

If I am selected to go the young rider Europeans then I will go. But I would also like to do some senior nations cups and maybe even senior Europeans.

When did you first sit on a horseback? How came your fascination with horses? Do you parents ride horses too?

My parents sat me on a horse when I was very, very young. They both rode but never competed internationally.

Do you have an idol? And a horse you would wish to ride if it would be possible?

I wouldn’t say I have an idol. But every rider has a different quality which I admire. A horse I would have love to have ridden would be Big Star who competed with Nick Skelton at the London Olympics for example.

What is making horses so fascinating for you?

I’m not really sure ! They are just something I have always loved since I was younger.

Do you have a certain philosophy in life?

I would say work hard for the things that you desire. Especially with horses. It’s the only way you can achieve them.

Do you have a thing on your bucket list you certainly want to do one day?

I would say world number 1..but that will take a lot of doing!!

Jessica Mendoza Painting

Jessica Mendoza Painting




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