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22 year old Lucy Davis is one of the shooting stars of the last few years in show jumping. Five years ago she won the final of the EY Cup in Frankfurt, and now she was at her first WEG in France wining the bronze medal there. Here she talks about her amazing horse Barron, about the WEG and how a typical day of the Stanford student looks like…

Just tell us a bit about your first time being in the US-team at a major championship. How did you experience your first WEG?

WEG was an amazing week. To ride in a huge arena, with a packed crowd, representing your country is a truly special experience. One of my favorite things about the whole WEG was how our team interacted together. I learned so much, from Beezie and McLain especially, on how to handle oneself at a championship and deal with the pressure and excitement of the competition. The team environment was extremely supportive of each other, and I really think that helped our result in getting a medal.

Are you satisfied with your efforts at your first WEG? Which do you think was your best round?

I would say that I am satisfied with my first WEG. We did get a bronze medal after all! I would have loved to jump a clear round for the team, but I was still able to contribute with some four-fault scores and was happy about that. I think my best round was the final round. Barron jumped amazing. We just had one unlucky rail at the end.

Did it help a lot that Markus Beerbaum as your trainer and also Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum were there to support you?

It is always very helpful to have Markus around! He has a lot of experience with championships and he knows Barron and me so well, both together as a team and separately as horse and rider. Not only does this allow him to make the best plan for us preparing for the ring, but he also knows exactly how to help manage the pressure and nerves of competition.

How was that whole experience WEG like for you? Could you also see other competitions?

The competition arena was really amazing because you could feel the energy of the crowd around you. It was very nice to see how many people came to watch, even on the early days of the week. Unfortunately I wasn’t really able to watch any other competitions because they were a bit far from each other. The vendor village area was also too far to visit much, but otherwise everything regarding the horses was taken care of very well.

Bronze with the team – is that a dream come true for you – at such a young age?

The dream was first just to be able to go to WEG so a bronze medal is something really special! I was very lucky to be a part of such a strong team that was able to work together to win a medal. I hope it is just the beginning!

How would you rate the performance of your horse Barron at the WEG?

Barron is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of horse and once again put in an amazing performance. He never had more than one rail each round, and he recovered amazingly when I crashed him through the wall the first day. To bounce back after that incident like nothing happened is a sign of a truly great horse. He is only ten so I am very excited about his future!

What is making Barron so special for you? How is he like in „normal life“ at the barn and so on?

Barron is so special to me because he has given me the opportunity to compete at the highest level of the sport. He has helped me fulfill so many of my dreams already. At home, he is what we call “lazy crazy,” because one moment he will be so lazy that he can’t even walk, and the next moment spooking at a squirrel and dumping you on the ground. He has a very quirky personality, which I also think makes him good in the ring.

You also have that rather new horse Curtis – maybe you can tell us a bit about him?

Curtis is Barron’s full brother. He is similar to Barron in the sense that he is scopey and careful, but otherwise they are very different actually. He is only nine and we are still just getting used to each other, but he is super brave and has so much ability that he is able to already step into big grand prix classes without blinking an eye. I am also very excited for his future.

Are you still studying in Berlin? Has Germany become your home in the meantime? Or do you have plans to go back to the US? Are you still a student in Stanford?

No, sadly I am not in Berlin anymore, although I plan on going back one day because it is my favorite place! I am currently back studying at Stanford in California. I have Barron, Cassis, and Hannah here with me so that I can ride every day before classes, but we are all enjoying a nice vacation from showing after a busy summer.

What are your plans for the next time? Which shows are planned?

The horses and I are taking the month of October off from showing and then will start back up competing in November. I am planning on showing in Las Vegas and Stuttgart and then will come back again in December to show during my Christmas holiday from school. I am not sure which shows those will be yet.

Tell me about a normal day in your life? How does that look like?

A normal day in the life at the moment starts by waking up and biking to the barn to ride the horses. Then I bike usually directly to my first class and attend a couple classes a day. I usually try to fit in a run or yoga in the afternoon, and then in the evening I either head to the library to do some schoolwork or, if I’m lucky, enjoy a night out with friends. I really love being in school at Stanford because there is always something to do!

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