Interview Adelinde Cornelissen – „Jerich Parzival just loves it to perform“

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Once again one of the most amazing combinations over the last years in dressage – Adelinde Cornelissen and Jerich Parzival – have proved once again at the WEG in Caen this year that they remain at a top level. The 17-year-old gelding and his riders won double-bronze and were close to Charlotte Dujardin and Helen Langehanenberg.

Adelinde describes her feelings about this WEG and her plans for the future – and of course talks about her amazing horse…

After the sad happening at the WEG in Kentucky where you could not complete the competition because Parzival was bleeding in the mouth this time everything went well… Two time bronze – are you satisfied with that?

Of course I am satisfied! We did the best we could! That’s all that one can do! And I must say Jerich Parzival felt fanatastic! I´m very happy with that!

I heard you had again rather difficult circumstances before the start of your performance. Was the organisation in Caen rather bad like many other riders told me?

I must say there were things to improve, but aren’t there always?

Your horse Parzival is 17 now but he showed again what an incredible horse he is. What can you tell us about his performance at the WEG?

Like you say, he is an incredible horse! It is unbelievable what this horse does forme over and over again! We are such a great team together! During the WEG he was top again, it is as if he knows he has to be in top shape then! He is so intelligent! We can really work towards the big championships together!

Some time ago Parzival had problems with his heart. Could this illness be totally cured?

All is good. He was operated on it, but of course we keep a very careful check on it. I ride with a heart rate monitor every day and we make ECG of his heart regulalrly. Everything is discussed with professor Van Loon of the university in Gent where Parzival was operated. So happy with this amazing team as well!

Which moment from the WEG do you remember as the best one?

I loved the freestyle! Parzival just felt so superb!

What did you especially like and dislike about this WEG?

I loved the competititon and the field was very strong. I like that there are more and more top quality combinations who can go for a medal, it makes it all exciting! I would have loved to see other disciplines, but that was a bit difficult this time.. Maybe next time…

How will everything go on now? Next year Parzival is 18, will you try to go to the European Championships in Aachen nevertheless? Do you have a younger horse of whom you think it could maybe go to Rio with you?

As long as Parzival loves it, we continue and he seems to love it! (laughs) Of course we are also working with new talented horses and we just see at that time who is best at that moment…

Interview: Alexandra Koch

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