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In January 2010, Philippe Karl bought the Hanovarian High Noon. The 5 year old gelding had been prepared to be presented at one of the famous auctions in Verden, but could not take part due to a ligament injury. As a result the youngester spent all of 2009 on the pasture before starting his training with Philippe Karl according to the principles of the ‚School of Légèreté’. Through a systematic training approach High Noon became more supple and balanced, more responsive to the aids and learned to carry himself in a correct and healthy manner. The DVD ‚Philippe Karl & High Noon , Volume 1’ shows the first 20 months of training and offers a wealth of knowledge and experience – especially on how to correct false posture and movement of horses that do not know how to carry themselves in a healthy manner. 




English Titles

Carl Hester’s Fantastic Elastic Masterclass

Carl Hester has amassed more than 50 National titles in his career so far and has held the title of National Champion on six occasions. He is a highly regarded trainer and in this DVD demonstrates his training techniques with five horses of differing levels, including Valegro and Movistar. Learn how Carl trains his horses from the beginning of their careers through to Grand Prix and apply his expert tips to your own riding.

Beyond Horse Massage

The Masterson Mehtod is breakthrough interactive approach for alleviating soreness, strain and tension! This practical book by Jim Masterson with step-by-step instructions, photographs and illustrations is ideally suited to accompany you to the barn. A “quick reference” section will point you to exercises that are specifically suited to your particular discipline, may it be dressage, endurance, eventing or others in the vast realm of horse sports.

Connected Riding & Ground work

The aim of Connected-Riding® is to come to a well-balanced and perfect riding position which is achieved by working with inner pictures and by analyzing own mistakes. The rider learns to support the horse’s movements and to encourage the horse to accept more weight on the hindquarters. 

Connected-Groundwork® is based on groundwork exercises that release tension and blockades. Gentle and soft movements and special touches enhance the contact with the horse and prepare the horse for riding.