Interview Lucy Davis – “I definitely thought I could do it with some luck”

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5. Nov. 2013


Interview Lucy Davis – “I definitely thought I could do it with some luck”

Having just turned 21 Lucy Davis is looking forward to 2014 and all the things coming up then. She hopes to maybe even compete at the WEG – her latest results could certainly be a recommendation for that. She not only had marvelous rounds at the Nations Cups she competed in this year but also won the Global Champions Tour in Lausanne.

For four years Lucy has been training with Markus and Meredith Beerbaum in Thedinghausen. She met them while training for the EY Cup Final in Frankfurt 2009 – which she won in the end being trained by one of the best female riders in the world and her husband. Even while studying at Stanford university Lucy Davis always trained with the Beerbaums and improved her riding tremendously.

She talked with me about her success in Lausanne, her new star horse Barron, being in Germany and all the things yet to come for her…


In Lausanne you´ve had your biggest success ever winning the Global Champions Tour. How did you experience this success?

Lausanne was an amazing experience. Not only was it my first 5* grand prix win but also my family – my mom, aunt, and grandparents – was there to share it with me. I will never forget it.


Did you after the first round ever think a success like this would be possible. There were strong competitors in the 2nd round and the jump-off…

Everybody has a chance, some better chances than others, but a chance nonetheless! My chance was very slim because of the competition I was up against, like you said. But one must always believe that their chance is real or else success will never come. I definitely thought I could do it with some luck. And that night the luck was on my side!


Barron is a very young but really talented horse. How would you characterize him? What is so special about him when jumping? How is he like when he´s at home?

Barron has incredible ability. Not only does he have infinite scope, but he is also extremely careful. And luckily even with such ability Barron is so brave that I can make mistakes. At home he is worse than at the shows! He gets very fresh and the bushes become some sort of beast he needs to repeatedly run away from. He’s a bit mental, but I think that’s also why he’s so good.


You regularly did Nations Cups for the US-Team this year and even rode at the final in Barcelona. How did you feel about this amazing progress?

I did my first nations cup, a smaller NC in Buenos Aires, in 2010 and then Falsterbo in 2011 both with my horse Nemo. I am thrilled with the progress Barron has made this summer. Barcelona was a huge long shot, but I knew that anything with this horse is possible.


What do events like the GCT mean to you as a rider? Do you have a favorite show? Or a show you desperately want to ride one day?

It is amazing to ride at the GCT and other 5* shows because there is a level of respect for the sport that is often not as apparent elsewhere. The accommodations for the horses and riders are super and make it worth it to come all the way from California each year. I think Aachen is the prime example of this, and I dream of riding there one day.


What do you think about the new Nations Cup series? Is it good for show jumping like it is handled now? The exclusion of the German team from the final was very controversial…

I think that the new series has great intentions. The final this year was a fantastic competition. I think that it is great to encourage the development of the sport in all countries, and it is always fun to compete on a team. It is a whole different dynamic when you are competing for your country.


Do you have some younger horses you also ride having big hopes with them?

I have some projects at the barn right now that I am excited about. It is a very rewarding experience to work with younger or less experienced horses and see their progress.


You came to Germany in 2009 and since then you regularly train with Markus and Meredith Beerbaum. How did the training with them influence your career?

Training with Markus and Meredith has shaped my career tremendously. Not only have they influenced my riding technically speaking, but also my whole mindset on the sport. They have opened my eyes to the dedication that it needs and the rewards that it brings. I admire their hard work and feel incredibly lucky to be in their stable.


What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Right now I am studying in Berlin until Christmas and I hope to compete at some nice indoor shows this fall while I do so.


Do you ever think of the WEG 2014 and that you could be part of the US team?

That has been my dream and goal for a while now, so I will give it my best shot. I still have a lot of things to learn beforehand!

You are an architecture student at Stanford university. This year I heard you went to Berlin for a year abroad. How did you experience Berlin and how did you combine studying there with riding in Thedinghausen?

Berlin is a fantastic city with amazing energy. I don’t want to go back home! It is about a 3-4hr drive/train to Thedinghausen, but I make the trek every week to keep in the saddle a bit.


Why architecture? What do you especially like about it?

I love design and architecture in particular appeals to both my creative and my practical side. I like the idea of creating and shaping a certain environment for people. Every design decision affects and directs the mood and experience. It’s fascinating and overwhelming.


If a good fairy would come around to fulfill one wish – what would it be?

That Germans could learn to make good Mexican food. Or maybe that I go to the Olympics.


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