Interview Anna Kasprzak – riding in Denmark for the Danish audience

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30 July 2013

Danish young star Anna Kasprzak (23) became famous in Germany when she was announced as the new rider of Christoph Koschel´s Donnperignon. Two years later she is one of the best Danish riders and looking forward tot he European Championships in her homeland. This will be a very special occasion for the daughter of the owner of „Ecco shoes“ –  and the Danish tea – to fight for a medal…

She talked with me about the European Championships in Denmark, her star-horse Donnperignon and what it was like to ride in Aachen this year…


You were in 2nd place at the Grand Prix Special and in 5th place at the Kür competition in Aachen – just a perfect time for you and Donnperignon in Aachen?

The Grand Prix Special in Aachen is my best test on Donnperignon until now. I had an amazing feeling when I made the last halt – once again I felt that we haven´t reached the limit yet. The freestyle where I ended up 4th was a pity because I had a very expensive mistake in the two tempi-changes, but it was my fault. But I was so satisfied with our competition in Aachen, and it is just amazing to be there.


How did you experience riding your horse at Aachen? Some experts said this was Donnperignon maybe at his personal best…

I don´t know if it was Pepe´s best competition ever, but together with me it was. I thought that he was good at the Danish championchip two weeks earlier, but in Aachen he topped it again.


Denmark was the partner country at the CHIO this year… Was it an extra motivation for you to be better than ever?

I don´t think it was a motivation to be better, but I was proud that Denmark was the partner country. Before we went to Aachen I`ve heard about the preparations and it sounded really successful – and if you ask me I think it really became a big success!


The European Championships will be in Herning in your country this year. Is there a special motivation to give your very best? Are you already looking forward to riding in front of such a big audience?

I think the Danish team is really strong this year! I don´t remember that there ever has been a Danish team where all of them where able to ride 75+%. So I am really excited to see how we will be placed in the team test, and I am looking really much forward to ride for the Danish audience.


What is your personal goal for the European Championships this time?

My personal goal is to get in the Top 10.


Your parents own „ecco“ who is the main sponsor of the European Championships. Do you also feel some pressure of having to be better than ever because some people are expecting this?

Not at all. I will ride as usual.


Donnperignon is a very experienced horse – and now in full harmony with you. How would you describe him to people who don´t know him?

Pepe is a funny horse with a lot of personality. He really has his own routines, and if you disturb him doing this he will be insulted for a while. Like when he is been brushed he best likes the ones with rubber so he can get a nice massage. If you haven´t done that enough, he will show you all the places where it still itches.


Donnperignon was already very successful with Christoph Koschel. How did this help you?

Christoph has made a really good job with Pepe, and I am still so grateful that I got him because he is such a perfekt schoolmaster. I haven´t had a horse at this level before so I had to learn a lot, but with Pepe everything went so fast.


Do you have next to Donnperignon other – young – horses of whom you hope they will follow him to the big sport?

I do have some good young horses in different ages. Time will tell if they can make it to Grand Prix level…


What do horses mean to you? What is the fascination of them for you?

The fascination – and sometimes frustration – is that you can´t talk with them in a human way, but still can teach them a lot. And I just think it is the world´s most beautiful animal.


When did you start riding and when did you do your first shows? Have you always been in love with horses and dressage?

I started riding when I was 4  and had my first pony when I was 5. You had to be 4 years old to start riding where we lived, so the day after my 4th birthday I had my first riding lesson. So yes I have always been in love with horses, and I became a serious dressage rider in the age of 15.


How do you experience riding in your homeland? Is Denmark a „horse country“?

Denmark becomes more and more a horse country, and if you think of the size of our country there are many good riders and good breeders I think.


When you are not riding what do you like to do?

I am in the gym, running,  cycling. I love to spend a lot of time together with my family and friends. They are very important to me.


What must a horse have to attract you?

The most important thing for me is the temper. You must feel that the horse is willing to work with you. And good bacis gaits are also very important.


Interview: Alexandra Koch


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