Interview Peter Wylde – “I try to do the best that I can at whatever I do.”

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Peter Wylde – one of the most successful riders of the past decade wining Team-Gold at the 2004 Olympics in Athens and Individual-Bronze in Jerez 2002 – has been back in the USA since this winter. Before that he lived in Europe and the west of Germany for a long time but now decided that the time is right for a change – and some big chances ahead certainly made the decision easier.

What he will do in his home country, which new plans he has with his horses and what he likes to do in his free time he told me in this exclusive interview…


You are back in the USA now after many years in Europe… At first: What was the reason to go back to your home country?

The reasons are many. For personal reasons, I wanted to be closer to my family. Professionally, I really would like to get back in the top sport, and I was asked by my close friend Missy Clark and her husband John Brennan to work with them at their stable “North Run” and ride their horses. I felt that by basing myself in the US, I would have better access to sponsors. I am also very much involved in a great program called the Emerging Athletes Program. The EAP is a wonder program which educates young talented kids and tries to help them in the sport. I am now the Vice President of the EAP and really want to be able to spend more time with and have more access to the kids.


You are based in Florida now. How is it there? Did everything turn out like you wished?

Florida is great. The horses have been doing very well and I am really enjoying working with Missy and John and our team at North Run.


You are riding at the WEF in Wellington at the moment – and you are highly successful there. What are your plans and goals for 2013?

Get to know my new horses. Try to get more sponsors and horses ….and win!!


You were in Europe for 12 years now: Was it now difficult to go back even if it is your homeland? Or was it just looking forward to be back?

Both… I love living and competing in Europe. That is why I stayed much longer than expected. But I am also very happy to be back in the US. The time was right.


You are riding for Missy Clark now. How did this collaboration get together?

Missy and I have been friends for 20 years. She has always asked me to ride for her. We have also done a lot of sales together.


Which new horses you ride look most promising?

I have 6 very good horses now. Lewin 5,  AK’s Clowney,  Zorro, Wannahave, Sandor de la Pomme and Zidane.  They are all very good!!


Your longtime partner Eduard Mullenders and you established a gallery in the Netherlands in 2012… What happened to this place after you moved back to the US?

We hope to relocate Galerie Bondurant in the US. This is a fun passion for both Eduard and I.


When you look back in your career: Which success is the first that comes into your mind? You´ve had so many…

My most proud moment was Fein Cera winning Best Horse in the Final at the WEG in Jerez de la Frontera. I am also very proud of my student Sheila Burke winning the CSIO Grand Prix of Dublin in 2004. Those are special results for me.


Which horse you think was the best you´ve ever had?

Fein Cera, simply because she did so much for me.


Where and how is Fein Cera now? I think she was retired in 2007…

Fein Cera is retired at the farm where she was born and raised, the stable of Harm Thormahlen in Holstein. She is 22 now and fine.


Is there a horse of another rider you would say yes at once if you had the chance to ride it?

There are a lot!! But it is intentional that I will not name a specific horse, as I think it is presumptuous to think that a horse could go as well for me as it does for another rider…

You rode the 12 year old Dutch gelding Unbelievable until last year – now we can see him with Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum. Meredith is a good friend of yours, how did this come about?

I gave Unbelievable to Meredith in September because I thought her riding would suit the horse perfectly. I am a huge fan of Meredith’s riding and it looks like she and the horse are doing as well as I could have hoped. I speak with Meredith regularly and offer any assistance I can, but I know that between Meredith and Marcus’s expertise, the horse is in excellent hands!!


As a rider there is few free time left: But what do you do when you are not in the saddle?

I like to travel with Eduard to interesting locations. I have had two wonderful clients from Turkey who have taken us to many amazing places in Turkey. I find travel interesting and enriching.


Finally: Do you have a special philosophy in life?

I try to do the best that I can at whatever I do. And….One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

  1. What is a wish in your life you´d like to fulfill anyway?

Achieve peace and happiness…


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