KWPN: New Book “The KWPN Horse”: Selection for Performance

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18 Feb 2013

The KWPN-horse

Our new English book, The KWPN Horse: Selection for Performance, is a must-have for every KWPN horse enthusiast! This book will take the reader step by step through the complete score sheet and will explain all the characteristics which may affect the sport potential of the KWPN horse: from body shape to the size of the legs, from the length of stride at the walk to the degree of caution in the free jumping. The book is equipped with detailed illustrations and contains practical links to video footage of free movement and loose jumping. Highly recommended for everyone that wants to know more about the KWPN evaluating system.

The KWPN Horse: Selection for Performance is available in our webshop at

Price: € 24,50  – Special prize for members: € 19,95  (excl. shipping costs).      

Source: KWPN

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