CDI4* Hamburg (GER): The Third Attempt was Successful – Hubertus Schmidt is the Derby Winner

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21 May 2012

Hubertus Schmidt with Fontane – photo by Karl-Heinz Frieler


Hubertus Schmidt (GER), ex World Champion and Olympic Champion of 2004, won the 54th German Dressage Derby. “Yes, I had a lot of fun. I watched Wonder FRH from Kathleen and Macrider Premier yesterday and thought about the best way to ride both horses.. The preparation time was really short though,” laughed Schmidt. There was one or the other surprises for the three candidates during their performances on the different horses, but that’s the German Dressage Derby that 3,500 spectators followed closely.

The Dutch rider Aat van Essen was second and was beaming as he sat between Schmidt and Kathleen Keller (GER). He was very happy with the second place. His mount, Macrider Premier, won the horse rating of the German Dressage Derby. Now the Dutchman, who has only let his sister on the horse for five minutes, is going to have a problem – it is a guarantee that his sister will want to ride him again. “Oh no, that’s not going to happen. He’s my horse”, laughed a content Aat van Essen.

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