SMOLDERS, Harrie (NED), Emerald Berlin - Global Jumping Berlin 2018 CSI5* Preis der Deutsche Vermögensberatung 1. Wertung für Global Champions League 27. Juli 2018 © Lafrentz

Thank you Emerald

von Jaqueline Weidlich
15. Februar 2019
15. 02
ca. 1 Minuten

Harrie Smolders hat auf seinem Facebook Account einen „Großen Dank“ an Emerald geteilt!


After his phenomenal career in the sport it’s now time for Emerald to start enjoying his well deserved retirement, and for us to fully focus on his breeding career from now on.Our gratitude goes out to Bert Van Den Branden, who bred the most incredible horse, to Joris De brabander who sold him to us, to Alex Tyler Morris who traveled the world with Emerald and gave him the very best care for all these years, to Harrie Smolders for his endless trust, faith and ambition… they were the absolute perfect match made in heaven!! To the entire Euro Horse team for helping Emerald become the Superstar he is today and the Legend he will forever be… and most of all to EMERALD himself for all the joy he brought us with his countless magical performances, as we watched his endless talents, which he fortunately passes on to his offspring, the future stars of showjumping!!<3 THANK YOU EMERALD <3

Gepostet von Emerald van 't Ruytershof am Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2019

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