Pius Schwizer verabschiedet Ulysse X

Pius Schwizer hat während des CSI Zürich sein früheres Spitzenpferd Ulysse X aus dem Sport verabschiedet. Der 21-jährige Belgische Wallach… Artikel lesen

Jaqueline Weidlich
29.01.2018 2 min lesen
Pius Schwizer und Ulysse X bei der Zeremonie in Zürich. (Foto: © katjastuppia.ch/mercedes-csi.ch)

Pius Schwizer hat während des CSI Zürich sein früheres Spitzenpferd Ulysse X aus dem Sport verabschiedet. Der 21-jährige Belgische Wallach wurde 2013 zum letzten Mal von Schwizer geritten, dann übernahm ihn seine Frau Florence. Mit Pius Schwizer gewann der Nonstop/Jus de Pomme-Nachkomme Gold mit der Mannschaft bei der EM in Windsor 2009. Ein Jahr später wurden die beiden Zweite im Weltcup-Finale von Genf. Nun bekommt Ulysse seinen wohlverdienten Ruhestand auf den Weiden in Gesellschaft eines Ponys.

Auf seiner Facebookseite schreibt Pius Schwizer:

„I’m not the kind of person who talks about his feelings, but I could not be happier that the horse of my heart, a true champion of only 1m58, ULYSSE, was able to have a beautiful retirement ceremony in Zurich today thanks to Steffi Theiler and the whole organization comittee.

I became number 1 in the world in 2010 thanks to him and Carlina, he did so much for me, had so many success (horse of the year in Belgium in 2010, took part to three World Cup Finale, Team European Champion and Swiss Elite Champion in 2009, winner of the Derby of La Baule, took part to Top Ten Finale in Geneva, won the 5* GP of Falsterbo, won Nations Cup and one of the biggest class in Aachen in front of Shutterfly, and … and … and ….), earned so much money (he won over 1.5 mio EUR), that I decided that I will always take care of him. I bought him to his owner François Leiser when he was 17 years old as I wanted to be sure that he will never leave my stable and since this year, my wife Florence has been riding him. Together, they were sucessful up to 3* GP and in August 2017, they won not less than two classes in the small tour in Ascona. Ulysse loved and needed to go to the competitions, he loved to show the people what he is capable of, he was and still is incredibly proud of himself and riding him always gave me a fantastic feeling, because he knew how amazing he was and he was fighting like a tiger to go clear, to win, to best the best. He was the fastest horse in the world and I feel incredibly lucky that I had the chance to ride such an exceptional horse for so many years. He will now enjoy a well deserve retirement and go to the field every day with his pony friend Touli and I’m sure that he still have many years in front of him because he is extremly though and simply a horse that always loved his life. Thank you for everything my friend, I love you for ever.“