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Join us for a special farewell on Saturday evening at the Brussels Stephex Masters 2019

oin us for a special farewell on Saturday evening at the Brussels Stephex Masters 2019 as Stephex Stables’ Cornet d’Amour is… Artikel lesen

Jaqueline Weidlich
29.08.2019 2 min lesen

oin us for a special farewell on Saturday evening at the Brussels Stephex Masters 2019 as Stephex Stables’ Cornet d’Amour is being retired from the sport following a hugely successful career.

“It’s with a lot of respect and gratefulness that we announce the retirement from the sport of the legend Cornet d’Amour. I can proudly say that Cornet d’Amour helped me triumph and achieve many of my goals and this at the highest level of the equestrian sport. It’s the first horse of which I could certainly say that he would stay within the Stephex Family even after retiring. So, a big thank you to Cornet d’Amour and a happy retirement,” Stephan Conter, CEO of the Stephex Group, comments.

“They say that a horse can change your life and that the truly special ones define it. That’s the case for Cornet d’Amour and me. He is an exceptional horse that always went to great lengths in order to get us to the top of the sport. Winning the World Cup in Lyon was the highlight of our careers. I’m grateful for what we achieved together. I will miss him in my stable, but it’s time now for him to enjoy the green pastures,” Cornet d’Amour’s rider Daniel Deusser states.

With Daniel Deusser in the saddle, the now 16-year-old gelding won the 2014 World Cup Final in Lyon, France. The pair also took team silver for Germany at the European Championships in Herning in 2013 and in Aachen in 2015, as well as finishing third in the 2016 World Cup Final in Gothenburg. Together, Deusser and Cornet d’Amour have formed an extremely successful partnership and the two can look back at major Grand Prix wins from Paris and Den Bosch as well as World Cup victories from Mechelen and Wellington – to mention some.

Meanwhile, the 2019-edition of the Brussels Stephex Masters got underway today…


Emilie Conter (BEL) and Clochard win
the Top Series CSI3* 1.40m presented by ROOSE

Walter Lapertot (FRA) and Ivernaud Ter Dieschoot win
the Top Series CSI3* 1.35m presented by STARNET



Jemma Kirk (GBR) and Quelisto win the
Super Cup CSI2* 1.40m presented by BAOBAB

Toon Maes (BEL) and Bala de Rima win the
Super Cup CSI2* 1.35m presented by KNOKKE OUT


Ansgar Holtgers Jr. (USA) and Crescenda Z win
the Prestige League CSI1* 1.20m presented by DIETZ

Stephanie Haelterman (BEL) and Indiana Jones vh Krekelhof win
the Prestige League CSI1* 1.10m presented by ELAND


Highlights at the Brussels Stephex Masters the coming days include:

The launch of the Stephex Exclusive Breeding collection, which will follow the CSI5* 1.55m Audi Prize on Friday night, Cornet d’Amour’s farewell ceremony on Saturday night after the first round of the CSI5* 1.50m Henders & Hazel Prize as well as Sunday’s tribute to the gold medal winning Belgian Team that joins us straight from the European Championships 2019 in Rotterdam.

Sunday will be an action-packed day, with sporting features such as the CSI5* Rolex Grand Prix presented by Audi worth no less than 500.000 Euro as well as the Top Series CSI3* Grand Prix presented by Meise.