Sandra Piwowarczyk tritt als Sportdirektorin der Baltica Equestrian Tour zurück

Sandra Piwowarczyk, die seit 2014 Sportdirektorin der Baltica Equestrian Tour war, hat ihren Rücktritt bekanntgegeben. In der offiziellen Erklärung heißt es unter anderem, dass die Tour ihr einiges an persönlicher und professioneller Zufriedenheit gegeben hat und dass sie hofft, dass das Event für alle unvergessliche Erinnerungen geschaffen hat.

Im Folgenden das Statement:

Dear Riders, Partners and Friends,

Since August 2014, Baltica Equestrian Tour, an event that I have created for all of you, has given me a lot of personal and professional satisfaction. I hope that over the past years, this unique show have left you many uforgettable memories and exceptional sport challenges. With a great regret I have to announce, that this year Baltica will take place without my participation.

I took a decision to withdraw my presence from organizing the Baltica Equestrian Tour 2018 competition at Ciekocinko Stables, resigning from the position of Sport Director of the Event at the same time.

The past 7 editions of Baltica have made it an exceptional equestrian event of the highest organizational level and with a unique approach to the most important part of it, which have always been for me riders and their horses. From the very beginning, Baltica was all about You – riders, trainers, grooms, owners, partners and horse passionates. Giving away all my knowledge, huge effort and putting all my heart in it, as well as a personal authority, often based on your trust and built on the basis of mutual relationships – today I say pass.

Being unable to guarantee the quality and maintenance of a high standard appropriate for this event, as well as being deprived of a real responsibility for the final result, with a great regret, by this note, I’m saying Goodbye BALTICA. May it occupy a special place in your hearts and memories, as it does in mine. Hoping it will always be a benchmark for Polish equestrianism and a vivid proof of a beautiful evolution of a dream in a well done project. I do believe it will last unmatched for a long time.

Thank you for all the past editions, wishing that the next ones will only be better.

Sandra Piwowarczyk