Böckmann receives an award for saddle carousel at the Pferd & Jagd (Horse and Hunting) equestrian exhibition

Dec 16th, 2015 | By | Category: PRODUCTS / TIPS / OFFERS
Innovationspreis Pferd u Jagd

Innovationspreis Pferd u Jagd

The innovative tack room concept in the new Portax E from Böckmann impressed the expert jury of the “Horse Innovation 2015” Product Award at Pferd and Jagd in Hanover. As the winner of the “Horse Equipment” category, the verdict of the jury, which consisted of Olympic rider Heike Kemmer, Ulrike Struck, horse specialist for the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture, Uwe Karow, board member of the Federal Association of Professional Riders, Ina Tenz, Programme Director at radio ffn and Birgit Springmann, editorial board of reitsport MAGAZIN, was overwhelmingly positive. A carefully thought-out system ensures that the tack room is easily accessible from both sides and from inside and outside the horse trailer – this is currently unique on the market. Böckmann offers its customers real added value with the new Portax E, as the front area also provides a great deal of space to work in owing to the effective design and the award-winning tack room. A visitor to the exhibition, Katharina Köhlmoos from Hamburg, also recognised this. Even before the jury awarded the prize to the nominated Portax with its saddle carousel, the young rider seized the opportunity and can now call herself the proud owner of the original award-winning Portax E from Pferd & Jagd 2015. Overjoyed, she subsequently watched the presentation ceremony: “I was impressed by the trailer’s roominess, its unique design, and, last but not least, by the carefully thought-out saddle carousel!” The Portax E with its tack room was a major attraction throughout the well-attended exhibition in Hanover.

You can see exactly how the saddle carousel works on Böckmann’s website, or on our new YouTube channel: www.boeckmann.com/youtube.


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