Interview: Reed Kessler – Riding into the year of the WEG

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In 2012 and 2013 Reed Kessler was always worth a new headline. At first she was the young girl, only 17 beating all the experienced riders at the US-trials, then she was the youngest equestrian athlete ever competing in the Olympic Games. A moment where she wrote history. In 2013 Reed Kessler reached the Top 30 in the world rankings – and frankly told us that her wish is to be No. 1 one day.

Who wouldn´t believe this looking at this determined rider who just loves her horses and the life she lives.

Reed, you stayed at Marcus Ehning´s place in Borken in fall 2013 – how was that?

I feel so lucky to get to spend every day in Marcus’ stable. He and his whole team have been so kind to welcome me in. It is amazing to be around that kind of knowledge, experience, and talent. For sure most people would name him as the best rider in the world, and to study under him is such a privilege. 


Just recently I saw you with that little, cute dog who is almost always with you. Where did you get this dog?

Her name is Carly. She is a rescue from a very popular place here in the U.S. associated with the Florida show called Danny & Ron’s Rescue. They saved her from a pound where she was meant to be put to sleep the next morning and I came that very night and adopted her. And yes, she comes almost everywhere with me. She is really the light in my life!


You have so many great horses. Do you have a favorite of your own?

I’ve been blessed to have so many good horses. I’d say the first really special horse was Flight. I started with him in the children’s jumpers, moved up to young riders, and eventually at the end of his 18 year old career he was doing FEI speeds and derbies with me in Europe. He took care of me when i was so small and in turn as he got older, I got to take care of him. He is retired now at our place in Kentucky. Mika also has been very special as he was the horse who brought me from juniors into Grand Prix’s. He was quite nervous at the beginning and I was inexperienced; we learned to do the big classes together. Of course Cylana is the most special at all. We did not quite know what she was when we tried her and bought her- she had mostly been doing smaller amateur classes. She changed so much in just a couple months and when we arrived in Wellington, even though she had never done anything nearly as big, she won the trials and took me to the games.


You are 19 now. Don´t you sometimes feel like you´d miss or have missed many things normal teenagers do because of your sport?

I always knew what I wanted to do. When I was a little girl before my Dad’s career became as successful, I had the one pony in the backyard of our house and my mom and I groomed together. We drove our little two horses to shows and I would ride whatever anyone would ask me to ride. We were always very close because of this. I love the life I live showing, I don’t feel I’m missing very much!


2014 is the year oft he World Equestrian Games in the Normandy. Already looking forward to the summer and the qualifictation for this event?

The WEG is still very far away. I will follow my normal schedule and hopefully have good results and if that leads to a place on the team then we will see!


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