Interview Bertram Allen – a newcomer from Ireland based in Germany

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22.may 2013

Interview Bertram Allen – a newcomer from Ireland based in Germany

The rise of young Bertram Allen is absolutely fascinating. This young boy is just 17 – and in Linz-Ebreichsdorf he was ahead of all the senior riders there who have the experience of many years in the sport. The youngster is best known to riders and fans since the European Junior Championships last year when he won along with the Irish team. In 2010 he also won the gold medal at the European Pony Championships. Bertram is based in Germany since last year and already had a highlight this year jumping at the Saut Hermes…


The last weeks were very successful for you. You had several wins in Linz and won the Saut Hermes competition for young talents. How did you experience these successful shows?

Yes, I have had a fantastic few weeks, Paris was amazing – the best show I´ve ever went to –  and Linz was my first time on a senior Nations Cup team! And there I was able to jump a double clear! This was just super.


How was the experience of jumping at the Saut Hermes at this incredible location? Did you ever see something like that before?

Saut Hermes was the best ever! It was my first visit to Paris and to see all the orange flags for the show lining the Champs Elysee was very special. The Grand Palais is like no other indoor show and Hermes did an incredible job. It was just fantastic to go there!


You are located in Germany now. Why did you decide to move there? Ireland has pretty good places as well…

Yes I live in Hünxe with family friends. I came initally for a few months but I am here over a year now. Ireland is great but it is very isolated and we have to cross two sea’s to get to any shows on the continent…


Molly Malone and Romanov are your most successful horses. How would you characterise them?

Molly is a very nice nine year old mare who is a very strong character. And Romanov is a very careful fifteen year old stallion.


You´ve been very successful with Ponies and last year at the European Junior Championships where you won team gold. Let us know how your career started. How did you become a rider?

 I have been riding since I was about eight years old. My Dad had racehorses and point to pointers.  I came up through the pony ranks and moved on to horses last year. I won the individual gold medal with my pony at the championships and then it was time to move on to horses…


To our German readers you are a real newcomer… Could you let them know a bit about you?

 I am 17. I moved to Germany to set up a life in Germany.


Was the gold medal last year your most impressive moment in your career? Are there some more?

I think my biggest moment was Individual Gold and team Silver on my pony Acapella Z. My double clear in Linz  was super too.


You are just 17, are you still going to school?

Yes now I’m home schooled for A levels in German, Business Studies and Accounting.


And what are you doing when you are not sitting on a horseback?

I love to hunt and keep fit and I follow Rugby and Soccer.


What do horses mean to you? What is so fascinating about them for you?

Well… Horses are my life. They mean everything to me.


What is your goal for this year 2013?

My goal is the Junior European Championships in Spain in July and I would love to be selected for another Senior Nations Cup Team.


Is there a rider who is a real icon for you? Is there a horse – besides yours – you would really like to ride once?

My icon is Marcus Ehning and I would really like to ride Carlo.


Which is your favorite horseshow? Where would you like to go this year?

I think it has to be Saut Hermes in Paris and I would love to go to the Dublin Horse Show this year.


And what is your aim in riding for the future?

I would like to continue to be successful and to ride nice horses.


Do you have a certain philosophy in life?

My philosophy is to always do my best.


Do you have one crazy thing you want to do in your lifetime?

I would love to ride in the Grand National……


Interview: Alexandra Koch

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