Interview Valentina Truppa – a rising star in dressage from Italy

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Valentina Truppa – now 26 – was sitting on a horse before she was able to walk… Her father, a famous dressage judge, was at her side when she became better and better and went from being the European Champion of the Young Riders to being now Number 6 in the World and a top level Grand Prix rider at all Championships. How she experienced this season, what is difficult about riding and what she loves about her top-horse Eremo del Castegno she told…


This year you had a lot of amazing victories. Recently you were in 2nd and 3rd place in Stuttgart. How are you looking back to the year 2012?

This was a fantastic year for me! Many important results, at the moment I am first in the Reem Acra ranking list and 6th in the world ranking list. I went to my first Olympics and I entered the final, it was since 20 years that an Italian rider could reach this result, and also I got a bronze in my first Worlds Cup final! So, my 2012 was super!


One of the most exciting events ever for you must have been your first Olympics. How did you experience this amazing event?

I think Olympic Games is the most important goal for sport people, and for me taking part at 26 years old, at my first try, with a young Italian horse trained by me and my dad, was wonderful. I’m proud on that!


Were you satisfied with your riding at the Olympics and your result?

I knew that it was hard, many strong combinations lots of new successful horses (also like Eremo). My objective was the final, and I got in there. Next time… we’ll see!


Eremo del Castegno is the horse you had all of your recent Grand Prix successes with. How would you describe your sport partner? What kind of horse is he?

Eremo is a very powerful and clever horse! He learns everything so fast… at the beginning he was not like that; until 6 years old he was spooky and not so expressive because more concentrated on surroundings but later he began to be the super horse he is now.


Your father is a very successful dressage judge seen at many big shows. You started riding at a very young age. Is it true when I´d say your life was and is all about riding and horses?

My dad put me on ahorse before I learnt walking. My life was and is with horses – you are so right about that. When I finished my study I started teaching some girls in my stables, and trained young horses (Eremo too), and now I work with horses every day.


What was your most impressive moment in your sport? A moment you always remember?

I think it was my first European medal in 2004 in junior championships.


You are a member of the carabinieri – is that helping you with your sport that you can do it as you want?

I can’t do “what I want” there. If you don’t have results you would leave the place to a more successful rider.

But of course they help me with some salary money each month, because if you are in the Army you can’t have private sponsors.


Who are your idols in the sport? Do you have people you look up to?

When I was child I was a fan of Isabell Werth and Anky van Grunsven! Now still these two, but also some others, like Edward Gal and Steffen Peters although now I try to be in front of them!

What is the unique thing about dressage for you? Why do you like this sport so much, instead of show jumping or eventing for example? Did you ever try other horse sports?

In dressage you can see a horse and a rider like two dancers, that’s unique!

Each discipline is amazing, but in dressage you must be so perfect and concentrated, it’s not easy. Watching a freestyle at high level is unbelievable and eye-catching.

I tried some jumping with my pony until 12-14 years old, it was funny, but I was not that good!!


Along with Eremo del Castegno – are there other young horses you ride of whom you think they will be as good as your best horse?

What my young horses will do in future only time will tell! I’ve got a 7 years old, going 8 in 2013. I will show him in small tour next season. He’s a very good horse, son of Blue horse Romanov.

And I also have a 5 years old going 6 in 2013, same mother like Eremo and Stedinger father, really super although he hasn´t easy temperament at all!

And then there are many other youngsters!


What do you wish to achieve in the year ahead in your sport?

I hope for some good results in World Cup final and the European championships, hopefully with a team!


When you are not riding horses – what are the other things you like to do?

When you do a job like the one with horses you do not have much time left, but I like going to the cinema, and have little holidays in summer… I like going to seaside!


The fascination of horses… what does it mean for you in a few words?

I think that if a noble animal like a horse let us stay on him and work together, it’s fantastic!


Finally: Do you have a special philosophy in life?

“The loser is not the one who loses but the one who does not try”


If you had one wish what would it be?

Health and Happiness at first for me, my parents, relatives, boyfriend, friends and all those close to me.


Interview: Alexandra Koch

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